Workplace Chat apps are available on Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac. Find out more about downloading or updating Workplace Chat.

Workplace Chat is a desktop app for PC and Mac that lets you chat with coworkers.
You can download Workplace Chat from your desktop computer here:
Supported operating systems include 64-bit Windows systems running Windows 8 and above as well as macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and above. Earlier versions of macOS aren't supported.
Note: Workplace Chat doesn't require admin privileges, so anyone should be able to install the app unless it's been blocked by a system administrator.
Features on Workplace Chat app
The Workplace Chat app:
  • Lets you receive notifications directly to the app
  • Supports voice and video calling
  • Allows screen-sharing
  • Makes it easier to view the latest notifications from your groups
  • Supports 1:1 chats and group chats
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When an update is available, it'll automatically be downloaded in the background. When the update is ready to install, you'll see a green banner at the top of the app. Clicking the green banner will close the app, install the update and reopen the app. If you want to check for updates manually, you can select Check for updates from the main menu of the app.
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We are redesigning and simplifying the Workplace Chat iOS app to improve its performance and accessibility while also ensuring it takes up less space on your phone.
If you already have the Workplace Chat iOS app downloaded, you will receive a notification and automatically be moved to the new app.
Making these improvements will take a few months and therefore, you might notice that a few features are missing, but gradually they will be brought back. However, as part of an effort to improve performance and support your productivity, there are some features that have been removed and won’t be restored.
Features that will not be restored include:
  • People Tab
  • Discover Tab
  • Photo filters
  • Sticker library
  • Set a reminder
  • Nicknames
  • Send custom Like emoji
  • React with "thumbs down" emoji
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We are rebuilding the Workplace Chat iOS app to continue to provide modern and powerful mobile experiences for work. Our app will help improve performance and productivity, while also taking up less space on your phone. We are also introducing new features such as dark mode. The app will roll out over several months.
New Features
We're introducing new features to improve your Workplace Chat iOS app.
Features include:
  • Dark Mode
The app is being completely rebuilt from ground up so low usage features may be missing temporarily as they are rebuilt. As part of an effort to improve performance and support your productivity, there are also some low-usage features that have been removed and won't be restored. The list below shows all features that are currently missing and when they will be brought back, as well as the ones are being removed:
Update: 9th November 2020
All missing features we committed to deliver by October have now been restored. We’re continuing to track all customer feedback that we receive, so please keep providing feedback via the app so we can continue to improve your experience with the new Chat iOS app.
Now available Will be deprecated
Search for bots
Send static location
Use bots web views
Growing likes
Use bot quick replies
Send & custom like emoji and keyboard
Use bot action menu
Sticker store
Custom bot replies
Thumbs down react
View DND icon in inbox
Message action suggestions
Set nicknames
View all media shared in chat
Recent searches
Send stickers
Modify data settings
Mention @here and @everyone
Automatic photo saving to camera roll
View pending invites
Custom bot replies
People and discover tabs
Search for messages
Edit group color
Search in chat
Custom notification settings
Status setting
Photo editing for photos sent from your photo library
Setting group descriptions
Edit group descriptions
Improved video calling (including audio)
Photo editing from photos uploaded from your camera
Edit group chat description and image
Set status
Photo annotation
Set status
How can I opt in or out?
On November 4th we started rolling out the new Workplace iOS Chat app to all customers. We expect it to take a week or so for all customers to be upgraded to the new app.
To switch back to the old version of the Workplace Chat app, go to the Workplace Chat iOS post in the Early Access section of What's New in the Admin Panel > Manage early access > Choose No one. Users will not be able to switch back themselves, system admins have to switch back the entire Workplace instance.
If you have been upgraded to the new app, you will no longer have access to switch back to the old version.
It takes on average 1 day to receive the new iOS app or to switch back to the old one. Once your instance has switched over, all users will need to restart the app twice in order to use the different version of the app.When the full roll out comes, users won't need to do anything. You'll receive a notification to inform you that you'll receive the new Workplace Chat iOS.
To provide us with feedback, go to settings in the Workplace Chat iOS app and select Send Feedback.
Android App
Currently, there are no plans to revamp the Android experience. We continue to make improvements to the Android experience with new features such as Workplace Rooms coming soon. The only feature not available to Android users is the in-app dark mode.
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Workplace Chat Beta is available to organizations enrolled in our early access program.
The new Workplace Chat desktop app helps you stay connected with your team. It supports messaging, video and audio chats and screen sharing.
New features on the Workplace Chat desktop app include Dark Mode and a compact inbox view. Some features might not be available on the new version of the app. These features include:
  • Notification jewel for post notification
  • Saved messages, pinned messages and message reminders
  • Sending photo from computer camera
  • Editing pinned chats
  • List of all shared files in a thread
  • Filtering inbox (e.g. unread/permanently hidden)
  • Hiding a thread permanently
  • Company-wide blocklisted features
  • Displaying user profile information (e.g. email address, department)
  • MSI enterprise installer for machine installs
  • Parts of the display might be in English only
How to Use the App
To use the new desktop app, your organization needs to be enrolled into our Early Access Program. To enroll your organization, please reach out to your Workplace Contact.
Once enrolled, admins will be able to make the app available to their organization from the What's New section in the Admin Panel. Once enrolled, users can download the app from the help menu to the bottom-left of Workplace. Users of the previous version of the desktop app will be updated to the new version automatically upon the next launch.
Admins can also remove their company from our Early Access Program. The app will then revert back to the previous version for all users.
Note: If something isn't working as expected, you can click then click Report a Problem.
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If you have received a notice saying that your Workplace requires a Desktop App update, it's because you're a System Admin of your Workplace and your version of the Workplace Desktop App on Windows is no longer auto-updating.
We have fixed this issue in v1.0.76, but all older versions of the desktop app must be updated manually.
There are two ways you can update:
  • Manual App Update: All impacted users received a banner notice to download the new desktop app. If you missed it, you can download it here:
  • MSI: You can also use the Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) to update the desktop app on behalf of your users. This new version allows admins to force the app to update on next user login. Workplace admins can download the Workplace Chat MSI package by going to the Integrations tab in Admin Panel or you can find it here:
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