Provisioning Workplace accounts in bulk

With each bulk upload you'll be prompted to decide whether you'd like to invite the accounts right away or at a later stage. If you select later, the accounts will be created in an uninvited state and will need to be invited at a later point.
Workplace supports the creation of user accounts in bulk via Comma Separated Values (CSV) files. Instead of provisioning employee accounts 1 by 1, you can upload a CSV or Excel file that contains information about each employee.
If you are creating a very large number of accounts, each individual import should contain no more than 2500 rows of employee data.
To create accounts in bulk by uploading a CSV or Excel file:
  1. From your News Feed, click Admin Panel in the left menu.
  2. Click People.
  3. Click Add People.
  4. Click Import a CSV or XLSX.
  5. Click the Import File button and upload the CSV or Excel file via the Import File button.
    • Clicking the Download Template button will download a CSV template. The document can then be opened in Excel and saved as an .xls or .xlsx file should you prefer to work with Excel.
    • Find out more about the profile information you can upload via CSV.
  6. Once the CSV file or Excel spreadsheet has been uploaded, click Set Language. You'll be presented with a confirmation prompt that will list errors in the CSV or Excel file or that will indicate whether the upload is complete. The first column will display the results for each row:
    • If the first column is empty then an account will be created for that employee.
    • A red octagon denotes that there's an issue with that row. An error message will explain the issue.
    • A blue circle denotes that the upload is incomplete.
    • A green check denotes that the upload is complete.
  7. Once the preview details have been confirmed you can create the new accounts by clicking the Save Changes button. The accounts will then be gradually created.
Until accounts are deactivated, employees will still receive emails and push notifications. See Bulk Deactivate for instructions on how to deactivate accounts.
Verifying Account Creation
To confirm that all accounts were created successfully, you can re-upload the CSV file or Excel spreadsheet by following the steps above, and verify that all rows have the checkmark in the first column. You can then click Cancel to skip attempting to create the accounts again. If you do this, you'll get a prompt saying the accounts already exist.
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